Annual Conferences

Here at Visual Advantage, we thrive on the challenge of providing you and your group with the best possible conference.  It all starts with our professional and knowledgeable onsite support.  Let us do all the "worrying" when it comes to the always-important audio visual portion of your conference.  The support we offer starts with our reliable and up-to-date equipment rentals.  We back that up with our technicians who know the equipment and are easy to work with.  To make your conference even less stressful, we always provide backup equipment, in case something does goes wrong.  And it's no extra charge to you.  Large or small General Session Rooms.  Breakout Rooms of any quantity or size.  Information Kiosks in the Lobby.  Sound for any situation - Multiple Presenters, Panel Discussions, Keynote Speakers, Audience Question & Answer Session, PowerPoint Audio, Theme Music. We can setup anywhere your conference is held. And by using a company like Visual Advantage, you will not be paying outrageous hotel AV pricing.

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Thanks so much for your attentiveness and professionalism in getting the technology for our conference up and running smoothly.
— Betsy Storey-Bono ~ Concannon, Miller & Co.

general session

Are you needing large projections screens and loud enough audio so everyone can hear?  All aspects of your conference are important but in the main conference room, it is imperative the audio visual rentals you get are loud enough and large enough for everyone to see and hear.  During your general sessions, we always have a tech at the "AV" table and ready to help with changing out PowerPoint Presentations, turning up the volume for a video, mic up the presenters before they go up to speak and adjust the volume of each presenter accordingly.  For really large general session rooms, we can provide two large screens and display the same image or video on both.  We can setup multiple sets of speakers ensuring everyone can hear.  If you are doing a panel table or panel discussion, we can provide each person with their own mic. 


Visual Advantage can provide the equipment necessary for each breakout room needing AV.  Some common rental needs for breakout rooms include projection screens, LCD projectors, laptops & PowerPoint remotes. We have the equipment rentals to fit in any meeting space or conference room.  Small breakout sessions might require a flat panel rental, a medium size breakout will most likely require a projector and screen. And for breakout sessions that will be crowded, you can always add a set of speakers and a microphone. No matter what size, we will be sure you get the equipment needed to make it a perfect class, workshop or training.  Stay worry-free by having one or more of our techs onsite during the conference.  We will help load the presentation onto the laptop, show how the PowerPoint remote works, give a quick sound check if sound is needed and once the presenter is ready, we will let him or her know we will be nearby if they need assistance during their session.

panel discussion

If you have multiple speakers during a session covering an important topic, we can "mic" up each person needing to talk.  The moderator has his or her own mic at the podium and each person at the panel table will have their own microphone.  We carry handheld microphone rentals and lavalier microphone rentals. Attach a handheld mic to tabletop mic stand to give the discussion a professional look.  For a more relaxed setting, sitting on bar-type stools for example, each panelist can use one of our lavalier mics.  We also can provide mics if you're wanting a question & answer session at the end of the topic discussion.  Visual Advantage always gives you the option of having one of our onsite techs available at the AV table adjusting the volume, accordingly, for the moderator, each panelist and the attendees using the Q&A microphone.

informational kiosks

Guide Attendees with scrolling information on a Flat Screen LCD TV.  Class times and locations are most important you can also provide attendees with additional information such as class descriptions, off-site meetings or activities, thank you sponsor slides, list of all exhibitors and vendors, etc.  These are just some of the ways a flat panel / information kiosk can be used.

Reception Dinner   |   Cocktails & Hor D'Oeuvres   |   Exhibitor Function


Background Music

A Portable Sound System for the portion of your conference where networking or visiting the vendors  takes place. Whether is music based on your conference theme or just a variety on music in the background.


Sound System & Microphone

Add a Wireless Microphone to the Sound System for making important announcements, thanking your sponsors, letting your top sponsor(s) say a few words or announcing winners of a raffle drawing.


Sponsor or Vendor Information

Thank your key sponsors by displaying their logo and information on a flat panel display or on a large projection screen.  Have the changing slides continually loop during the entire reception or gathering.  Consider charging a small fee to exhibitors if they would like their info displayed.


Corporate or Theme-Colored Up Lighting

Enhance the vendor room or ball room with some beautiful, eye-catching up lighting. This low-cost option is a great way to bring your entire event together. Choose your organization or business colors or your conference theme colors.