They did a great job with my large corporate event at the Tradewinds. Visual Advantage was very professional, prompt and great help during the event!
— Courtney King ~ Ferguson HVAC

business presentations

At Visual Advantage, we understand the goal behind your meeting is to have your attendees leave with more knowledge or training.  What better way than using AV equipment to convey it in an effective, organized, professional and up to date way.  Visual Advantage will help you with your AV needs based on the number of attendees, your budget no matter your topic - educational, Sales/Employee training, business or personal development.   Don’t worry about the venue, hotel, banquet hall, conference center or general meeting space all you may need is a projector, screen and laptop. Large or small, breakout rooms of any quantity or size, information kiosks, Sound for any situation - Multiple Presenters, Panel Discussions, Keynote Speakers, Audience Question & Answer Session, PowerPoint Audio, or Theme Music, Visual Advantage has all you need for success including multiple screens, speakers, microphones or other items to enhance.  

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business Meeting

Business Meetings are an everyday part of the work world.  When having a meeting with multiple attendees, no matter the size, display your business message for everyone in the room to see with our projector and screen rentals.  If you prefer to be mobile while presenting your business material, we offer a handheld powerpoint remote for easy slide advancement.

TRAINING & Educational

When setting up a sales/employee training meeting, video and sound equipment will aide with the retention of information. Screens, projectors, speakers, microphones and presentation ready laptops can help explain subject matter quickly and effectively and are available through Visual Advantage no matter what meeting space you decide on.  When providing material to teach a group, a visual is one of the best tools for comprehension.

Background Music

A Portable Sound System for the portion of your fundraiser where networking and mingling takes place. Whether it is music based on your theme or just a variety on music in the background.


Sound System & Microphone

Add a Wireless Microphone to the Sound System for making important announcements, thanking your sponsors, letting your top sponsor(s) say a few words or announcing winners of a raffle drawing.


Sponsor or Vendor Information

Thank your key sponsors by displaying their logo and information on a flat panel display or on a large projection screen as guests are entering the venue.  Have the changing slides continually loop during the entire event.  Consider charging a small fee to exhibitors if they would like their info displayed.


Theme-Colored Up Lighting, Foliage and Drapery

Enhance the vendor room or ball room with some beautiful, eye-catching up lighting, foliage or drapery. This option is a great way to bring your entire event together. Choose your organization or business colors or your theming colors.