tradeshows, expos & kiosks

Tradeshows, Expos and Kiosks are a great way to get your product or services out there for people to talk about and to network with other businesses “in the industry.”  We've got a great way to spread the word and what other way to get people to talk about “you” than to have a booth, display or exhibit that gets their attention and draws them in.  A visual is one of the most effective ways to get any audience to remember and when there are booths, after booths or shops after shops of similar stuff…how are you going to get yours to stand out?

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Our organization has counted on Visual Advantage for years. Visual Advantage is easy to work with and takes care of all the fine details so you don’t have to worry!
— Val Miller ~ FAET

tradeshows & expos

Even though these have two different premises.  Your booth for either needs to stand out and bring people over.  Whether you’re looking to roll out a new service or product, or your looking to trade and sell, what better way than a flat panel display?  This can allow you real time internet demonstrations,  provide information on a slideshow, video testimonials or any topic you might feel will interest your intended audience.  You’ve paid money for the booth, now you need to find a way to capitalize on it!  Contact us and we can help with the AV equipment rental portion and help make you stand out from the rest!


Visual Advantage’s flat panel’s can be used for anything.  Providing information in whatever form you’d like, video, powerpoint while displaying ads for new products or services, providing a schedule during general sessions with breakouts or at registration of your conference.  Whatever you might have in mind, we can help make it happen.  Get the information you want your audience to see noticed with our flat panel displays on a floor stand with wheels so it’s mobile and can go wherever you feel the foot traffic is highest!

Background Music

A Portable Sound System for the portion of your fundraiser where networking and mingling takes place. Whether it is music based on your theme or just a variety on music in the background.


Sound System & Microphone

Add a Wireless Microphone to the Sound System for making important announcements, thanking your sponsors, letting your top sponsor(s) say a few words or announcing winners of a raffle drawing.


Sponsor or Vendor Information

Thank your key sponsors by displaying their logo and information on a flat panel display or on a large projection screen as guests are entering the venue.  Have the changing slides continually loop during the entire event.  Consider charging a small fee to exhibitors if they would like their info displayed.


Theme-Colored Up Lighting, Foliage and Drapery

Enhance the vendor room or ball room with some beautiful, eye-catching up lighting, foliage or drapery. This option is a great way to bring your entire event together. Choose your organization or business colors or your theming colors.