Audio Visual Equipment Rentals

If you are in need of sound, video or lighting for your upcoming business meeting, sales training, presentation with keynote speaker or any other event, we can help you out.  Visual Advantage has been providing reliable, up-to-date equipment rentals to the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando area since 2001.  We have an outstanding reputation for giving our clients the equipment needed, ensuring your message is seen and heard by you and your guests.  If you know what you want to get accomplished but are not sure what you need to make it happen, please don't hesitate to contact us.  To get a better understanding of the audio visual equipment rentals we offer, please see below.


Great service, professional, equipment performed flawlessly. I would recommend Visual Advantage without hesitation.
— Rich Binkowski

audio equipment rentals

We provide professional-grade microphones and high-quality speaker sound systems so your presenter, keynote speaker and videos can be heard by all.  If you have one presenter needing to be mic'd up, we have handheld microphones, lavalier mics and head set mic rentals.  For a more demanding setup such as a panel discussion with a moderator, multiple panelists and the need for a Q & A session (audience question & answer), we have the equipment necessary to handle that too. Please look around on this page or feel free to call us to see if we can help you out with your upcoming meeting or event.


Wireless Microphones

Are you needing your audience, guests or attendees to hear what is being said? Our audio microphone rentals are professional-grade making them extremely reliable and easy to use. Our wireless handheld microphones, headset mics & lavalier microphones give you the flexibility needed to meet your audio demands.


Speakers & PA Systems

Not sure which speakers or how many speakers you need? Give us a call at (727) 781-2201 or email at We will ask you the right questions so we can provide you with the correct sound system. Our speaker rentals are for business meetings & events. They look good and, more importantly, sound great!


Audio Boards

Not sure what an audio board is or does? Audio boards are the go-between to your device inputs (microphones, your music or sound from your video) and the speakers. The size of the audio board you need depends on how many devices you have going in (input). Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.  727-781-2201 or

visual equipment rentals

If you have a powerpoint presentation, video, photo slideshow or possibly a website to show and you want to be sure everyone can see, Visual Advantage has plenty of options to help you out.  For smaller groups in a hotel meeting room or a banquet room in a restaurant, a LCD flat panel rental will most likely work.  For medium to large groups a LCD projector and projection screen rental would be your best option. For really large events in a large hotel ballroom, for example, we have the option of providing a setup with two screens and two projectors. Please call 727-781-2201 or email for more info on how we can help you. 




We have carry a full line of projectors to meet your needs. Our projectors are up-to-date with the latest connections to easily attach to your laptop or any other device you have. For a small business meeting in a hotel conference room to a large event in a banquet hall, we have have the projector your looking for.

Projection Screens

Visual Advantage carries a full range of projection screen rentals for any size group. We carry smaller tripod screens all the way to large event screens with pipe and drape to go around. The screen size you are needing most likely depends on the number of people needing to see it. To best figure this out, please call us at 727-781-2201 or email us at


LCD Flat Panels

Our LCD flat panel rentals are perfect for small groups at a business meeting, sales training, wedding rehearsal at a restaurant or a vendor booth at a convention center trade show. We give you the option of placing the flat panel TV on one of our floor stands, giving your event or meeting a professional, up-to-date look.   

presentation - production - staging

Visual Advantage carries a complete line of the equipment needed for your seminar or event.  Some of the equipment rentals are required to make the entire audio visual portion of the event work and some of the equipment or accessories are optional. Presentation switchers, for example, are needed for large events where multiple devices are needed to be switched and displayed on the projection screens. Laptops, powerpoint remotes, equipment carts are other examples of equipment that might be required. For optional equipment needs, we carry pipe and drape rentals, uplighting, foliage rental, recording cameras and more. For more information, please contact Visual Advantage at 727-781-2201 or 

Presentation Equipment

Presentation equipment for your production or event.  We carry laptops, presentation switchers, media press boxes, powerpoint remotes, video cameras and more.

Production & Event Staging

Production or event equipment for your large event or business meeting - we carry podiums, pipe and drape, foliage, up lighting, spotlights and more.


Services Available

Visual Advantage provides our customers with the services and support to help your event or meeting go smooth and error-free. Click HERE for how we can help.