outdoor events

If your hosting an outdoor event, whether you’re a school, church, living complex or festival, its success will be all about the pleasure your audience has while attending.  Visual Advantage can take all the stress of having the perfect equipment for the right size event without any complications!  Whatever your organization is looking to do, we will have the equipment you need, from the projector, screen, sound to the tech support should you want it, and for the prices your looking for!

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Thank you for participating in the 1st Annual Eco Fun Festival. You helped to make it a huge success!!
— Jennifer ~ Pinellas County Solid Waste

movie night

Movie nights whether indoor or outdoor have become an exciting way to watch the lastest movies either for the backyard, neighborhood, school or fundraising event.  Visual Advantage can provide the AV equipment rental by delivering and picking up or doing a full setup and breakdown.  No matter the size of your viewing audience, we have the screen, projector, sound and any other equipment needed for you to ensure everyone can see and hear while enjoying the evening!

sporting event, parties & Festivals

If you’re the one in charge of pulling the event, festival or party together and whether you want a screen, projector, flat panel, lighting, sound system or just don’t know, Visual Advantage can help!  Our experienced techs can help you with the right equipment needed to make your event successful.  Regardless of your venue, audience size or budget, Visual Advantage offers audio visual equipment rentals and event tech support so that you can enjoy the party!

Background Music

A Portable Sound System for the portion of your fundraiser where networking and mingling takes place. Whether it is music based on your theme or just a variety on music in the background.


Sound System & Microphone

Add a Wireless Microphone to the Sound System for making important announcements, thanking your sponsors, letting your top sponsor(s) say a few words or announcing winners of a raffle drawing.


Sponsor or Vendor Information

Thank your key sponsors by displaying their logo and information on a flat panel display or on a large projection screen as guests are entering the venue.  Have the changing slides continually loop during the entire event.  Consider charging a small fee to exhibitors if they would like their info displayed.


Theme-Colored Up Lighting, Foliage and Drapery

Enhance the vendor room or ball room with some beautiful, eye-catching up lighting, foliage or drapery. This option is a great way to bring your entire event together. Choose your organization or business colors or your theming colors.